Out of One Pub and Into Another - UDCon and Municipal Brew Works!

by 3/22/2017
Hey everyone! Sorry blog posts have been fewer and farther between. We've been working on getting Collapsus finished (and Greenlit) as well as working actively on Cave Worm, Burst Lancer, and Radarkanoid 3000. Couple that with the last couple events we did (and are planning on diving right back into more) and you can see why we have our hands full! Well, speaking of those events, today's blog post is all about the events we just came from: The Ohio Gaming Brigade's Dayton Designed: UDCon Edition at the University of Dayton (man that's a mouthful!) and St. Patrick's Day at the Municipal Brew Works. Let's jam!

So, let's start off with OGBDDUDCE@UD (we'll just say UDCon from now on). A couple weeks ago we went to the University of Dayton for UDCon, which is a little university convention held by their tabletop gaming group. Now, keep in mind that we don't really have much of a connection to UD, but luckily, our friends over at the Ohio Gaming Brigade certainly do! See, OGB was founded after members of that UD group graduated and wanted to keep doing wheat they were doing "in the real world" (man, I hate that phrase), so OGB was born (or so I'm told)! You may remember OGB from when we attended their first Dayton Designed (more on that here: http://blog.wraithgames.com/2016/11/madness-4-events-in-3-weeks-dayton.html). Seems that they liked us enough to invite us to this as well (and good thing, too, because these guys are awesome).

Unlike the first Dayton Designed, this was a 2 day event up at UD and, gotta say, even though it felt like less people stopped by than last time... it was so much fun! It really feels like we've made some great friends within this little community. We even got some people who'd played at the last event (and potentially others unconnected to OGB... it was unclear, but it seemed like they were hinting at it). Either way, it was a blast!

We were even featured in an article on Dayton.com (here: http://www.daytondailynews.com/lifestyles/tried-board-games-from-ohio-designers-and-here-how-they-rate/EvkSOopEjk48BCKtSklQKP) written by our new friend Josher Lumpkin.

A couple days after that, we headed literally downstairs to the Municipal Brew Works (yes, our studio is above a local brewery) and took part in their St Patrick's Day festivities. The place was packed, but boy did we get some great reception!

We even put on what we called "The True Irishman Challenge" (a little play on the "No True Scotsman Fallacy"), where, like at most events, we challenged players to beat Level 5 of Collapsus on hard mode, but instead of putting them on a waiting list for a t-shirt, we gave them a free beer! Only one dude was rad enough to do it (though many, many tried).

All-in-all I'd say that this was a terrific start to our events year! On the 27th we're headed to an IGDA Cincinnati event and then in April it's back to Vector! It's not even the end of the first quarter and we've got 8 or so events lined up for the year already... we're going to really pack them in! Considering we're trying to have Radarkanoid 3000, Cave Worm, Burst Lancer, and (of course), Collapsus all done this year, we're rally looking at having a great year of content all around! Hope you're all ready!