MADNESS! 4 Events in 3 Weeks!? (Dayton Designed, LexPlay, GDEX and Alive After 5)

by 11/09/2016
Hey all! Wow, we're exhausted! On October 22nd we went up to Dayton for The Ohio Gaming Brigade's "Dayton Designed: Game Night at Star City Brewing Company" (wow that's a lot to type; certainly not Twitter friendly!) then on the 28th, we headed down to Lexington for LexPlay and on the 29th, we went up to Columbus for GDEX! Yup, with both LexPlay and GDEX being two day affairs, we actually split up the team and took them both on! Then on November 3rd, we hit up our own hometown Hamilton for Alive After 5: Game Night! Here's how it went...

Let's start off with Dayton Designed. It was a pretty neat little event! See, the premise of Dayton Designed was to bring out local developers of both the tabletop and video game variety and let a bunch of people try their games out and give feedback. Weirdly enough, we were the only video game developers there (it was Adam, Natalie and I on this one). There were all sorts of amazing board games, card games and tabletop games surrounding us; all of them independently made. Take a look:

You can see that this place was packed. Oh, what was this place? It was the Star City Brewery in Dayton, Ohio (just a hop, skip and a jump north from us). This place was great. It was all decked out like some sort of medieval pub. It even had really cool medieval iron works for the doors. Now, while we didn't imbibe anything of the alcoholic variety while we were there (we were on the clock), they did have amazing butterbeer (yes, like from Harry Potter) and dark chocolate-covered espresso beans!

We had lots of people head over to the table and we were rarely less than 4 seats filled. Anyone who sat down and played for awhile got a ticket for the big raffle that was going on. This was a pretty sweet gig. They even had little comment cards to help designers get some constructive feedback. We pretty much aced it all across the board. Funnily enough, everything anyone suggested was already ready for the build we took to our next 3 events! I guess it's one of those "great minds think alike" type of things.

So, the next event was LexPlay in Lexington, Kentucky. It's a great place. It's a lot like Cincinnati. This is LexPlay's first year and was run by the awesome people from RunJumpDev. Those were the same guys who did Vector Conference (along with EKU, of course) that we did earlier this year. For their first year, they really blew it out of the water! This was a great event! Like all new events, the turnout wasn't huge; but the people who were there were absolutely amazing!

While we were there, we played so many awesome games, including a version of X-Men vs. Street Fighter that used what were basically DDR pads combined with fighting sticks, a really awesome deck-building card game, and even a hip-hop RPG. There was some real talent here.

Just like with Vector, we were joined by some of our friends from EKU (they were in the booth next to us). We got to play more polished versions of the games they were working on for Vector (and generally just pal around with them). Unfortunately, one of our programmers, Mark, who is an EKU grad student, couldn't make it.

We even got interviewed by two podcasts while we were there: Game Over Game On (the episode is live right here: and the WAMCast (The Weekday Afternoon Morning Show). Unfortunately that interview isn't out yet. Hanging out with these guys was some of the most fun I've had at an event in a while. We've even invited them up to Ohio sometime to partake in the Municipal Brew Works located below our studio.

Next, we have GDEX. We were really looking forward to GDEX this year. We went last year for our first time (back when it was called OGDE) and man, was it a killer! This year was no exception... well, that's what I was told, at least. While Natalie and I went down to LexPlay, Adam and Kristy went up to GDEX, located at COSI in Columbus. It was a real shame that I didn't get to see all of our GDEX friends this time around (though Game Masters and COSI After Dark did help alleviate that pain a bit earlier this year)... and it was definitely a shame that Eric, who was supposed to go on this trip, ended up getting sick. These things happen, though; and this allowed Adam and Kristy to rub elbows even more.

Apparently we made a pretty big splash at GDEX this year, though. CLE Tech actually did a write-up on their favorite games of GDEX, and guess who was at the very top of this list (here's a hint: It was me... Di... Oh, wait. I, um, mean, it was Collapsus! This was pretty flattering. It's really great to see so many people take a shining to Collapsus. Heck, according to their Twitter, it's sort of infected their entire office (insert maniacal laugh here).

The last event was right here in our own hometown. One block away from our studio, actually. Literally in the same building where some of us live. See, if I haven't mentioned it before, I live in Artspace Hamilton Lofts, which is a live/work environment for artists, complete with its own gallery. Now, we don't actually use that as the Wraith Games studio since we have studio space at the Hamilton Mill; we do often participate in Artspace events. This event was called Alive After 5, and wasn't just for Artspace. The first Thursday of every month, the entire downtown area opens up to the public for cool activities centered around a theme. This month's theme was: Game Night! Artspace thought it was appropriate if we demoed for this one, for obvious reasons.


We even got to roll out the Radarkanoid cabinet!

So, pretty needless to say, the past few weeks have been PACKED! This isn't even mentioning all the cool meetings we've had or the other pieces of press who interviewed us, or even just the work we've been doing on actual development. Those are probably blog posts for another day. Not next week, though. We have yet another event next week. We'll be off to our second year at Pandoracon! This time around, we're actually media sponsors. That means we'll be hosting an entire room of retro gaming goodness called the Wraith Games Game Cave, as well as our normal demo table, AND we're giving three talks! Not only that, we're even dragging along our Radarkanoid arcade cabinet, and we've been busting our butts trying to get a Physix VR demo ready to showcase. This event is going to be HUGE for us! It should be, because this is our 13th (and last) event of the year. It's this weekend in Cincinnati if you want to stop by. More info here:

We really hope to see you all there. Next week's blog will be about Pandoracon coverage, and then after that, dev stuff! Catch ya later!