Mural, Mural, on the Wall

by 9/27/2016
Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't posted much lately. Every time we felt a good post in the making, it just slipped by. We'd thought that over the last couple weeks the press interviews we did would have been posted, but it looks like it may take another week or two for those. On the other side, we thought we may have some event announcements, and we do, but those only just came in. Then there's the Collapsus Kickstarter. Well, that's still on track but we have to finish putting this mural up...

Say! You know what? Even if the mural won't be finished until next week, we can still make an update post about it! Yeah! Let's do it!

We decided to do this mural WAY back in October of 2015, but didn't announce it until January of 2016 (in this post, to be specific:, but WOW has it taken a long time to get it off the ground! It was supposed to be the big lead-in to "Phase 2" of our remodel, the phase where we got the new furniture and new floor as well (with Phase 1 being the "normal" studio painting). The furniture and floor are now firmly in place, but the mural? It was basically a whole "Phase 3" in its own right!

For a quick refresher, here's what the mural wall looked like back when we started:

Yuck! Man, I gotta say... we are all so glad that our ugly "beige box" of an office is now a bright, creative studio! Anyway, Lance T. Miller stepped up to take a huge chunk of the concept art we'd done for not only the projects we were currently working on, but for a lot of our planned projects as well and whipped (or WIPed?) up a pretty killer mockup of what the mural should look like (here):

It also looks spiffy on this tablet:

Only problem is, that when we actually came in and started sketching it (we started documenting that in March, here:, we had a LOT of new concept art to work with, so things needed to be added (wow, feature creep happens in real life, too! Who knew?!) So, by the time we had it all sketched out, it looked like this (well, that's most of it, anyway):

Getting this all sketched out took Lance, Steve, Natalie, Eric, and I (usually working 3 at a time) a few months to get done. Then we needed to paint! The problem with that, however, was since sketching took so long to do, we all needed to get back to work on other things (*cough* Collapsus *cough*). We needed some outside help!

Well, luckily, our buddy Dwayne from JamaicArts (a link to his Facebook here: was more than willing to take up the challenge! He's a brilliant caricature artist and budding comic book artist, so we knew we had our guy! This is him, hard at work:

He's been in the studio working on it for a couple weeks now, and we think it's coming along great! We've even been taking a timelapse video of him working to mirror the one of Lance doing the digital painting of it (Lance's video here: We're pretty sure at this point that it shouldn't take more than another week or two to finish up (if that).

Here are some great shots of his progress:

You wanna know the best part? THESE AREN'T EVEN CURRENT! These pictures were taken last week! The mural looks even better now than they do here and it's STILL not done! How cool is that?! Right now, all we're really waiting on is some printouts from Lance and Steve to clarify a couple things for Dwayne before he continues and then that's it... mural accomplished! After that, we're launching the Collapsus Kickstarter (since about half of the video is being done inside the studio), and the weekly builds to accompany it! Isn't that exciting!? 

From there, we move on to other projects (a few of which have actually already been started by the non-Collapsus team members). In fact, we had to find a new place for some of our actual paper concept art (yuck... paper!) so we moved it to the green screen until we need it. Maybe you can get a sneak peek of some of our other projects from these pictures *wink* (though keep in mind that Steve has yet to put up his concept art, but it'll be up there soon).

Well, that's all I know for now! Don't forget that we'll be at the IdeaFestival in Louisville, KY on the 30th! Our next blog post will either be about that, the finished mural, future events, the Collapsus Kickstarter, or the 3 press interviews we were in recently (or maybe some combo therein)!