Fit for Fitton: Our Day at the Fitton Center Season Launch

by 8/22/2016
Hey guys! Wanted to a rather short blog post about the Fitton Center's Season Launch that we attended Friday. Let's waste no time and dive right in!

So, as you may know, our Radarkanoid arcade cabinet was at the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts (a local art museum here in Hamilton) for their Hindsight exhibit until the end of next month. In fact, the whole reason we made this particular cabinet was for the exhibit in the first place. Well, to celebrate not only this exhibit, but the big launch of this new event season for them, they threw a big party! They had people counting at the door, and well over 1000 people came (which I believe is their biggest season launch yet). It was pretty darned cool. That also meant that a lot of people got to play Radarkanoid at this event alone.

Cody, Kristy and I by the Radarkanoid machine

It was only Kristy and I here for this one (though Cody did swing by for 10 minutes near the end). Most of the team are from the surrounding area (the Greater Cincinnati Area) rather than being in Hamilton specifically. Lance was there, though, since a couple of his pieces were there, as well as some Artspace and Hamilton Mill people; so we were among friends if not surrounded by team members.

I had to duck out of there after a couple hours since I was participating in the Hamilton Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday, and practice was the day before (for those who are interested, my team did lose, but it was a blast anyway). Practice only lasted about an hour or so, so I was back pretty quickly. The Fitton Center is on the river with practice starting at the RiverEdge amphitheater just a block away. The Hamilton Mill, and by extension, our studio, is actually right between the two. For context, Kristy and I live in Artspace, which is only 2 blocks away from all three, so our commute is just a few steps (jealous?). Kristy stayed at the party through the whole thing so she could answer questions since she was the programmer and all.

It was a great event! Some seriously great art and people were there. Since you're on our blog, though, I guess you want to hear more about Radarkanoid, though... I was able to get some pictures and video of people playing the machine, but only after I was back from practice and only while I was near the cabinet. I really wish I could have gotten more (or that Steve, Lance, or Natalie were there to take some awesome footage as well). Oh, by the way, we DO have an Instagram where you can see stuff like this (shameless plug):


We hope to be able to do more events of this nature here at some point. Until then we still do have at least three larger, convention-style events coming up. So that'll be cool. Hopefully one of us can edit the video we got from this one and get it up on YouTube soon, but we are still needing to get the new Collapsus trailer (and GIFs), and Radarkanoid trailer (and GIFs) as well, so we'll see.

As a little bonus, here's an interview we did with Slickster Magazine! Check it out: