A Little Post About Big Plans!

by 3/07/2016
Hey all! With most of what's going on already pretty thoroughly explored in other posts and on social media, I wanted to take today to do a little housekeeping and let all of you know what some of the other plans are moving forward in the near future. I'll try to ties this into some of the other things you already know about for context's sake. Here we go!

Okay, so as you probably know if you've been following us, the studio remodel is going pretty swimmingly. Got the "normal" painting done and all of the spiffy new furniture in! What we have left to do, though, is order those roller shades (either in purple or orange, probably purple), get a new filing cabinet (also the same color dilemma), get the floors ordered and down, and a few other things. Lets talk those floors first before moving on.

This Wednesday we're going down to a laminate floor place and picking up samples so that way we can know what looks good in the space as well as what the Hamilton Mill will allow. They're pretty flexible with that sort of thing, so whatever we choose shouldn't be a problem, really. Right now they're really swamped with other projects anyway, like the Municipal Brew Works brewery going in downstairs, Glance Software moving form one office space to a bigger one down the hall, the mural going up in the lobby and the one going in outside, so we'll try to make the decision for them as comfortable as possible.

After the samples are done, we can install it. We're doing it ourselves with a bit of help from some family and friends. Laminate isn't a very hard install.

The mural we're partnering on with Lance T. Miller on is ramping up in a serious way. Currently he's working on a series of timelapse videos chronicling the sketch and digital painting steps which will be edited into one big video that we'll share at some point here soon. He're a great black and white shot of the digital sketch of it he did a few days ago. It's pretty sweet!

After the remodel is done, then it's video time!

Now, there are quite a few little things going on as well. Recently we got our "Verified" badge on Google+ and we're working on that for Facebook as well, which means that we're getting a phone number for the studio here very soon since it's pretty much required. Hopefully Twitter will follow, but those badges are notorious to get.

We've also just picked up an Instagram. Hopefully the're will actually be something on it soon. We should have a LinkedIn profile and a BBB page in a few weeks as well. Speaking of social media and search, though, after the remodel is 100%, we will be having that Google photographer back to do those interior shots for Google Maps. You'll be able to do a 360° tour of our little studio!

Other than that, we have some team news. It hasn't been all settled yet, but it's possible that one former team member (who will remain nameless until the official announcement) and up to three new interns will be joining us! This is all pretty cool, especially since with Collapsus almost finished, Physix will be top priority soon and that's quite a bit bigger.

Well, that's really all there is this week. We should have even more news next week, hopefully a postmortem on the studio, an official Kickstarter video shoot announcement, Collapsus news, or a team member announcement. Who know?! Maybe it'll be one MEGA post with all of them! Hey, I can dream, right?!

Until next time!