Hey everyone! Tragically, I'd already written up this blog post and then the gods of hubris swooped down and wiped it... so here we go again! Anyway, We've had a lot going on this past month, but none of it would be enough to make a full blog post about, so we're going to a bit of house keeping in this one! Buckle in!

For starters, in Collapsus news, this month saw the release of the long-awaited Puzzle Mode update. For those of you who don't know, Puzzle Mode is a mode that contains 300 single-screen puzzles that you must clear with a limited number of breaks. Puzzle modes have been a staple of great puzzle games almost as long as there have been puzzle games at all. My personal favorite is from Tetris Attack, aka Panel de Pon, aka Puzzle League (MAN that series has WAY too many names)!

All of our puzzles are hand-made by our very own Kristy Iwema. She started doing a few of them way back in the early days of Collapsus on paper, then eventually moved on to a notepad doc, and until recently, used MS Paint to design puzzles. With our decision to include an online Puzzle Maker, she decided to switch over to the same tools our players would be using!

The only problem is that with all this new content, some of it was bound to break. Luckily Mark was able to patch all the bugs and Kristy was finally able to release the first 80 of her puzzles a few days ago (with only a couple week delay on the update)! With each weekly build that will be coming out now, we will also have several new puzzles for you to sink your teeth into!

Other than that, we have a few things that need to be done before we can ship Collapsus out the door:

- Saving
- 2 Challenge/Plus Modes
- More puzzles, Daily Puzzles, Puzzle Sharing (+ Puzzle Mode additions)
- Leaderboards & Medals
- Tutorial
- More accessibility options
- Languages
- Porting
- Bug fixes & other minor tweaks

Considering what we've already done it's not a whole lot left to do. We're trying to get Collapsus finished up as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality, but you can bet we'll have more news pertaining to release very soon!

Other than that, one of the other thing's we've been working on is the studio expansion/remodel/renovation. not much to say on it other than it's going well... but you can bet we'll have a TON of new on it after the first of the year!

Now, in addition to our physical renovation, we're also making HUGE updates to our site! The new version of our site will feature more company info, team bios, playable embeds of some of our games, a home for our new podcast, vlogs, & streams, as well as our brand new merch store and more!

With the studio remodel, the new website, and finishing up Collapsus, it feels like when we started the rebrand in 2014! It's really exciting!

Now, you read that right: our podcast, vlogs, and art/design/dev streams are nearly ready to launch! The podcast is aiming to be started early next year. We'll be playing games & talking about them, talking about events & Wraith updates, and just palling around! It's planned to feature one of our team members (usually me), and 2 of our friends from a couple other podcasts (official announcement as to who, soon) with a rotating 4th featuring a new special guest each month (devs, press, streamers, and the like).

Likewise, the vlogs will be launching around the same time, but those will be more like video extensions of our pre-existing blog. It'll feature events, remodeling, and just us talking while at the studio. Mostly news and "life at the studio" stuff!

Speaking of the blog, here very soon, the blog will be back to being weekly (probably after the first of the year as well)! Since we're pretty close to getting all the team in the studio full-time in 2018, the plan is to split writing duty, I'll be taking one week and 3 other team members take the other weeks. We'll give an official announcement as to who soon!

2018 looks like it will be a big year for us! With Collapsus finishing up, we're going to try and get Cave Worm and Burst Lancer out next. We have plenty of other surprises up our sleeves as well. We're just glad you've stuck with us while we grow!

Well... until next time!
Man! October had a LOT of events for us! September 30th-October 1st gave us GDEX, October 14th saw Ohio Gaming Brigade's Pop-Up Con #2, the 21st-22nd gave us BOTH Kabo, and LexPlay, with the month ending for us on the 27th with the West Virginia Game Developers Expo! That's not counting all the news that happened BETWEEN those events! Let's get going else we'll be here all day...

GDEX: Wow! We are so happy to see GDEX become what it has! GDEX is run by our good friends over at Multivarious. When we started going, it was still called OGDE (the Ohio Game Development Expo). It was a pretty small affair, mainly targeted at developers so they could meet, and showcase to, other developers. This year, GDEX has exploded into an event for both developers and consumers and is now the largest gaming expo in the Midwest! It's so cool!

Previous years had GDEX at the COSI science center, but this year, with the expansion, it was at the Columbus Convention Center (a venue we know so well, we practically live there). Like previous years, we got to show off the latest build of Collapsus and meet tons of great new developers (and hang out with all the friends we made at previous events). I also got to give another talk about starting, funding, and running a studio as a small business! Great time all around (as always)!

Now, as you may remember, last year the tech blog CLE Tech named us their top pick at the show in a wonderful article they did. What you may not know, however, is at the same time the good people at Playvue had an app where players could choose their favorite games of the show, and they were given an award. Unfortunately, not enough people knew about the app, but luckily it was made an official part of the show this year! There were Playvue banners and flyers everywhere, and as exhibitors, we were asked to promote our games so that people could vote for them.

In addition to this Players' Choice award, there were a few other awards as well. The one we're concerning ourselves with right now, though (for the sake of this article, at least), was the "Most Accessible Game at GDEX 2017" award presented by the AbleGamers Charity. If you may remember, we've had some great conversations with them in the past about getting Collapsus' accessibility options up to snuff...

Well something MUST have worked, since that was the award we brought home! It was such an honor to be chosen for it, since it's always been a huge deal for us to make sure that everyone can play the games we make. It only makes us want to try even harder to make Collapsus the most accessible game we can!

Pop-Up Con: We LOVE the Ohio Gaming Brigade's events! They're generally smaller affairs, typically lasting just a day, and are hosted in more private venues (such as the Star City Brewing Company), and man, does that intimacy (for lack of a better word) really make all the difference. In so many ways, these events are like friends coming together to hang out and show cool stuff they've made. Love. It.

This one, I got to fly solo, and like some sort of idiot, I went in a little before noon, already being up for 24 hours. Now, luckily everyone was incredibly patient with my special brand of sleep-deprived stupidity; but when it was all said and done, I left there at midnight, having had a complete blast! Not much to be said beyond that. Showcased Collapsus, talked to friends, had butterbeer and some chocolate-covered espresso beans. Can't beat that.

Kabo: This is where things get tricky. Last year, you may remember that GDEX and LexPlay were on the same weekend.We had to split up the team just to be able to do both events (not everyone, of course, because some of the team really despise handling the booth, but that's fine). Natalie and I went to LexPlay, while Adam and Kristy headed up to GDEX. It was really unfortunate, since the people who run both events were actually looking forward to attending the other one; but due to problems with their venues, those were the only days available to hold their respective events. It was a real shame.

This time, everything worked out where they were a couple weeks apart. So what about Kabo?

Kabo is the little sibling to the now defunct Kabochacon. Since Kabochacon was going to be holding a massive raffle for Extra Life Dayton, it was decided that a smaller event at the D20 Bar in Dayton to hold the raffle and charity auction, as well as some other smaller gaming activities, such as having us come out to demo Collapsus, and the big Galatune tournament.

You guys remember Galatune, right? We mentioned them before a couple times. They're a really awesome card game that's kind of like a mix between Magic: the Gathering, Overwatch, and Smash Bros. We had the fortunate opportunity to do multiple Ohio Gaming Brigade events, as well as Kabochacon and GDEX with the game's creator, Adam. It's so good. Luckily, we ended up becoming fast friends with him. That's where us being at Kabo went from being a cool thing we should do for charity to being something we simply couldn't pass up on...

At Kabo this year, we were able to announce a partnership that we'd been working on in secret for some time now: an official Galatune companion app made by us! I'm not going to go into much detail about it here, but here's a link to the announcement video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lh9vV-YlUA

Other than that, Kabo was spent eating so much cotton candy from our friends over at ConeZone, and once again, talking and playing great games with friends. While that was going on...

LexPlay: For LexPlay, our Adam (as opposed to Galatune Adam), Natalie, and Steve (going to his first event in a long while) headed down to Lexington to show off some Collapsus! While they were down there, much like with GDEX, they got to meet up with some of our developer friends from events past and meet all new people.

On day one, Natalie and Steve also went on to the Game Over Game On podcast, like I did last year. Man, those guys are awesome! Since last year, I'm really glad to have gotten to know the GOGO team a lot better, and am happy to call them friends. From the sound of it, Natalie and Steve had a blast being on. For me, though, after Kabo, I had to catch a Greyhound, which brings us to day 2.

After meeting me at the station, we had a bit of a breakfast, and went right back in to set up for the next day. Very early on, I had to step away to give a talk all about VR: Past, Present, and Future (a title and premise that I used before for a talk at Pandoracon 2016). It was a great crowd with some even better questions. My only regret is that I wish I had been a little more awake; but everyone swears they enjoyed it anyway. While this was going on, Natalie and Steve went back on the air with Game Over Game On!

I hit the booth again, along with Adam, and shortly afterward our programmer Mark showed up! Apparently, he had been by the day before as well, to help everyone run the booth a bit too. He's actually from Kentucky, so it wasn't that crazy of a drive for him. So at this point, this wasn't the most team members we had at the booth, but it was certainly tied for second! Pandoracon 2016 had me, Kristy, Natalie, Adam, Lance, Thorne, and Cody (with some extra non-Wraith friends and family helping out); and OGDE 2015 had me, Steve, Camille, Thorne, and Cody! So hot dang!

WVGDE: I'm cheating here a little bit. The West Virginia Game Developers Expo had asked us to come down, show off Collapsus, and for me to give a talk. With all of the other events that were going on, it was something I was going to run solo. Unfortunately, on my way to the Greyhound station, we ended up hitting two big patches of construction in the middle of the night, and I ended up missing my bus by, like, 10 minutes.

Fortunately, the good people running the event let me Skype in onto a projector and sound system, so I was able to give my talk anyway! It was very similar to one of the talks I gave at Pandoracon 2016, Vector Conference 2017, LouisvilleMakesGames, and GDEX 2017. Basically I ran down how to start a game studio, secure funding, and make sure that it doesn't implode on its first few years. It's a talk that I've been pretty comfortable giving; though it does change a little bit every time. It's something that I think a lot of people just starting out don't realize you can do: just starting up a business, getting a traditional loan, things like that. It all seems pretty overwhelming; there's a lot of little fees and paperwork. I'm really glad that I'm able to use the knowledge I've learned (a lot of it ripped straight from the head of my small business advisor, Mark Lankford) to help prop people up.

So yeah. We had so many great events this month! As you can probably tell, this is just the Cliff's Notes version of it all. Next month, we're heading out to the Ohio Gaming Brigade Pop-Up Con #3, once again at the awesome Star City Brewing Company in Dayton, Ohio. After that, who knows? So far it's looking like we're clear until January; events-wise, that is. We keep trucking away on Collapsus, and we have tons of updates you may have noticed while playing the weekly builds, or if you were at any of these events. Who knows? Maybe that'll be the next blog post.

Until then, catch you next time.
Hey all, we're about to once again head up to Columbus for GDEX! Before we do, however, we wanted to talk about what's going on with and in Collapsus! Let's do this thang!

So, currently we're on Weekly Build #20 on itch.io with #21 on it's way for Monday (it's actually the build we're bringing to GDEX)! Right now we have a schedule set out counting down weekly builds until release. We're not going to officially say when that is, but we can safely say "soon". That being said, here's a run down of things CURRENTLY in the game:

- 3 Standard Difficulties and 2 Unlockable difficulties (unlocked in the weeklys)
- Time Panic and Gravity Rush options
- 18 out of 25 Special Modes and 16 out of 25 Plus Modes (and now screens explaining what each mode's gimmik is)
- 9 powerups
- 7 of 8 unique music tracks


We've also got a good chunk of the Puzzle Editor done and around 200 puzzles done ourselves (though the puzzles aren't implemented yet). Throughout the last 20 weekly builds we've also done a lot of bug fixes and balancing stuff.

What comes next is the exciting part (well, exciting AND more bug fixes). Firstly, we're revamping the combo system. Can't say TOO much about it, but it may turn out to be just as cool as the resource-management mechanic that the whole game is based around! Here's what elese, though:

-Finish up our accessibility options (they're mostly done, but need to be implemented after testing)
-Finish up the Puzzle Editor
-Finish and implement the puzzles for Puzzle Mode and the first year of Daily Puzzles
-Implement the remaining 7 Special Modes and 9 Plus Modes
-Implement the built-in achievement system (we have ~200 achievements designed!)
-Implement the leaderboards, save-system, and other online content
-Finish up the remaining song and sound effects
-Localize to other languages

It may seem like a lot (because it is) but it's just a drop in the bucket compared to what we've already done. After that we have to port to all the platforms we're shipping to (we have portability already working, we just have to run them on the devices) and then finish up the Versus Mode DLC (which is planned to launch shortly after the rest of the game).

So, yeah! We're trucking right along toward completion! We're going to try harder to meet our self-imposed weekly deadlines... especially with completion so close in our sights!

Hey all. This blog post is going to be a *bit* shorter than some of our other event posts, mainly because we took a BUNCH of pictures on Nat's phone and then it up and died on her. So, with not a lot of visual aid (until we can figure how to recover the pics sealed in their plastic and glass crypt) our trip just doesn't read very long. So... uh, yeah. Sorry about that.

Moving on...

This was our first year at Matsuricon! Matsuricon (Matsuri meaning "festival" in Japanese) is a Columbus-based Anime convention held every year. Now, we love us some anime here at Wraith, but the last time we went to an anime convention as a team was back in 2012, I believe (A&G, which is now dead as we've been told).

For this special occasion we were part of the GDEX Megabooth (or Minibooth as it had been also tweeted). This means that we, along with our good friends at Multivarious (who run GDEX), Shawn Tanner, Todd Barchok, Deckpoint Studio, and Multithreaded Games! It was a great lineup of devs from the upcoming GDEX 2018 and GDEX (or OGDE's) past! Also at the event was the two person team of designer Adam Wik and artist Yamerpro of the awesome card game, Galatune in the room next to ours! Galatune is a favorite of ours from Dayton Designed, so it was great seeing them there with us!

This event was actually pretty low-key for us. Being an anime convention we had a bit of a smaller crowd than we normally do, but those who did play were hooked! Though this WAS a big time for us to do some great networking (can't say much for... reasons, but our friend Griffin hooked set us up with a business meeting at one of our favorite Columbus restaurants, The Late Night Slice, where we talked about REDACTED over pizza dogs (only slightly healthier than a cup of melted butter).

All-in-all, even though it was a 3 day event, it was kind of a smaller, more leisurely event for us. There may even be plans to do more of this type of event in the future, and we certainly wouldn't object!

Now, in a couple days (the 1st of September, to be exact) I will be heading down to Louisville for LouisvilleMakesGames' Kentucky Fried Pixels launch party/ trolley hop! I'd love to see you there! I'm not being joined by other Wraith team members for this one, since they'll still be recovering from Matsuri and also prepping for GDEX (while working on the studio... and hopefully making some games)!

Oh, before I forget, RunJumpDev has posted their video of my Vector 2017 talk on YouTube (like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4arvfe6m4jQ)
Hey all! July has been really busy for us. The biggest things about July have been Indy PopCon and the plans for our new studio expansion! That's one of the reasons we hadn't pushed this out sooner. Like with the last few posts, we've got a LOT to get through, so that's it for introductions.

July 7 - 9 saw us once again back in Indiana for Indy PopCon (last years post here: http://blog.wraithgames.com/2016/06/indies-at-indy-popcon.html). Unlike last year however, Eric and Mark stayed home and Natalie and I joined Adam for this one. This year's event was bigger and better than last as well! We set up on Friday at 10am (no small task for us night-owls) and by the time the hall opened a little later, we were ready to rock!

Like with a few of our other events, we ran a Collapsus challenge where if you got to either Lv. 6 on Hard or Lv. 60 on easy, you'd win a shirt. In the past, we just wrote down your info to send you a shirt later, but this time, we actually had quite a few shirts at the booth! We had a bunch of great people come buy and not only play, but also to win one of our awesome shirts!

In addition to the regular attendants, we also ran into Jirard "Dragonrider" Khalil (The Completionist), Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob), Allison Pregler (Obscurus Lupa), and Michael Sundman (Gaijin Goombah). There were a TON of other guests as well, but these 4 awesome people were who we talked to the most. Sadly Lupa and Gaijin had to jet before getting a chance to check out Collapsus, but thankfully Brad and Jirard seemed to have a good time with it! We also had Jake Elliott, the 2015 World YoYo Champion stop by and play. He liked Collapsus so much that he said that it was, in his opinion, better than Tetris! Now that's what we call a glowing endorsement!

Other than that, I guess I'd say that the big news coming out from the show was us winning 2nd place in Slickster Magazine's "Best Game of Indy Pop" award, with our good friends over at Multivarious hitting a home run and sliding into 1st place with their game "No Mercy"! They really deserved it and we're glad that we came in #2 next to their powerhouse! On top of that, "The Established Facts Podcast" interviewed us and a few other guests while we were there as well! Be sure to check that out, too! http://www.theestablishedfacts.com/2017/07/episode-150-pop-con-2017-interviews-part-1/ 

So, on to the studio! We have some BIG news involving our studio space at The Hamilton Mill. As you may remember, our studio is ~300 sq/ft and we spent the better part of the last 2 years making is all sorts of spiffy... we'll, here's the good news. That space (211B) is being joined by 210, 212, 213, AND 214 as we expand from that little 300 foot space to a bit over 1780 sq/ft! This is a HUGE expansion... we're taking over most of the 2nd floor at The Mill (much like our friends at the Municipal Brew Works did with a huge chunk of the downstairs). The big stipulation for this expansion is that we make sure to turn this space into the "dedicated Wraith Games wing" and that it's remodeled with "Wraith's signature style" that we brought to our other space. That is certainly a "can do" on that front! But yeah... here's some pictures of the space before we sink our mitts into it:

That's basically all there is for now. There will be an article soon going into more details about the space (including our experience of looking into about 20 or so properties just to end up where we already were and what we intend to do with this new space)! Other than that, look forward to our next event appearances at Matsuricon, GDEX, LexPlay, Kabochacon, GamersGrace, and Dayton Designed as the year winds down! Hope to see some of you there!