Hey guys! Wanted to a rather short blog post about the Fitton Center's Season Launch that we attended Friday. Let's waste no time and dive right in!

So, as you may know, our Radarkanoid arcade cabinet was at the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts (a local art museum here in Hamilton) for their Hindsight exhibit until the end of next month. In fact, the whole reason we made this particular cabinet was for the exhibit in the first place. Well, to celebrate not only this exhibit, but the big launch of this new event season for them, they threw a big party! They had people counting at the door, and well over 1000 people came (which I believe is their biggest season launch yet). It was pretty darned cool. That also meant that a lot of people got to play Radarkanoid at this event alone.

Cody, Kristy and I by the Radarkanoid machine

It was only Kristy and I here for this one (though Cody did swing by for 10 minutes near the end). Most of the team are from the surrounding area (the Greater Cincinnati Area) rather than being in Hamilton specifically. Lance was there, though, since a couple of his pieces were there, as well as some Artspace and Hamilton Mill people; so we were among friends if not surrounded by team members.

I had to duck out of there after a couple hours since I was participating in the Hamilton Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday, and practice was the day before (for those who are interested, my team did lose, but it was a blast anyway). Practice only lasted about an hour or so, so I was back pretty quickly. The Fitton Center is on the river with practice starting at the RiverEdge amphitheater just a block away. The Hamilton Mill, and by extension, our studio, is actually right between the two. For context, Kristy and I live in Artspace, which is only 2 blocks away from all three, so our commute is just a few steps (jealous?). Kristy stayed at the party through the whole thing so she could answer questions since she was the programmer and all.

It was a great event! Some seriously great art and people were there. Since you're on our blog, though, I guess you want to hear more about Radarkanoid, though... I was able to get some pictures and video of people playing the machine, but only after I was back from practice and only while I was near the cabinet. I really wish I could have gotten more (or that Steve, Lance, or Natalie were there to take some awesome footage as well). Oh, by the way, we DO have an Instagram where you can see stuff like this (shameless plug): https://www.instagram.com/wraithgames/


We hope to be able to do more events of this nature here at some point. Until then we still do have at least three larger, convention-style events coming up. So that'll be cool. Hopefully one of us can edit the video we got from this one and get it up on YouTube soon, but we are still needing to get the new Collapsus trailer (and GIFs), and Radarkanoid trailer (and GIFs) as well, so we'll see.

As a little bonus, here's an interview we did with Slickster Magazine! Check it out: http://www.slickstermagazine.com/collapsus-physix-developer-interview/
Hey all! I really wanted to get this blog post out sometime last week (I knew it really couldn't be Monday, though), because I wanted to start off by showing some pictures from our Microenterprise class graduation. It... well, it took them a while to get the pictures to us students, unfortunately, but we have them now! I have a few other pieces of news as well, but I'll cover those after this part. So lets make the magic happen!

For those who don't know, I took part in an SBDC/SELF Microenterprise class representing Wraith. That probably raises more questions since you may not know what any of those three words even are. the SBDC is the (Butler County) "Small Business Development Center", while SELF is "Supports to Encourage Low-income Families". A "microenterprise" is a small business with typically less than 9 employees making less 2 million dollars. Wow. What a lot of jargon in such a short space!

We've worked alongside the SBDC before. In fact, they're in the Hamilton Mill with us (and after the flood in the building are even on the same floor as us). David Riggs of the SBDC set us up with our LLC. His partner, Mark Lankford, was in charge of this class (and he was an awesome instructor). SELF's involvement is pretty simple, they help low income people (and most first-time small business owners certainly fit that bill) with classes, grants, and loans. It's actually pretty awesome since the people coming out of this class get to apply for a $5000 business loan from them (that were hoping to pick up soon). The microenterprise part is a bit trickier, however. We do have 12 team members, which is a bit over the number, but a couple of them are volunteers, so I guess they don't count.

Outside of the Hamilton Mill: Mark in the back, David in the front. Stolen from their Facebook page

Anyway, the class was 11 weeks, and I took it alongside our good friend Lance T. Miller (and Joni, whom you may remember from our first-time VR video on YouTube). The class went over all aspects of business ownership and management including (but not limited to) sales, expenditures, taxes, paperwork, insurance, hiring, and the like. We all learned a lot, but luckily, since a few of us already had established businesses, we had a bit of a leg up.

On the 5th, we had a graduation ceremony for all those who completed the class with a satisfactory business plan. Take a look:

The event was even catered by our absolute favorite bakery (as well as not only Kristy's and my neighbor, but also alumni of this very class a while back), The Almond Sisters! Tasty!

But yeah... it was a great experience and I learned a lot that will help Wraith along (Mark was VERY impressed with not only the business plan, but what we've done so far, so he's certainly not worried about our success, so maybe I can lighten up a bit, too).

We still have a lot to do, though. Friday is the Fitton Center Season Launch (featuring our Radarkanoid arcade machine), the Kentucky Fried Pixels bundle still has a month to go (seriously, pick it up if you haven't already: https://itch.io/b/122/kentucky-fried-pixels) and the Collapsus Kickstarter is in 4 weeks... AND WE STILL DON'T HAVE A DRESS FOR THE PROM!!! Or... um... yeah. What was I saying? We're going to be busy, busy busy here soon and that's not even counting the weekly builds, press interviews and events we have lined up! Yikes!

We have a lot of new stuff coming at you, so stay tuned!

Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY! Radarkanoid is finally out! It's finally here. It's finally... well... done! We'd made Radarkanoid as part of the Kentucky Fried Pixels game jam last month (it was a month-long jam). The finished games that were part of the jam also made it on to a bundle, where 50% of the profits go to help Louisville Makes Games, a 501c(3) charity that helps Kentucky game developers live the dream!

You can pick up the bundle here: https://itch.io/b/122/kentucky-fried-pixels It helps us out, it helps them out, and it helps YOU out by giving you awesome games! So, please consider tossing us a dollar (or more if you're feeling generous)!

Anyway... on with the blog post!

So this isn't quite a postmortem of the game, but more of a release post, and update post, and some more info on the game. For starters, since I'd mentioned that we made this in a month for a game jam (well, a bit over, but not by too much), did I mention that we have a time lapse of Kristy working on it? BAM!

Believe it or not, this is actually Kristy's first solo-programmed, non-education related game! Pretty neat, huh? She's really working hard to be on-par with our other programmers. We think she's doing a bang-up job, don't you?

Now, the video isn't all of the development process. We didn't think of doing a time lapse from the start, so we start a bit in medias res, I guess. Not only that, but we didn't do a video for my art or Glenn's music. Oh, who's Glenn? Remember a long, long time ago (2010) when we did an interview with the Nerdfit Network about Physix (you can listen to a re-upload of it, here: http://blog.wraithgames.com/2016/04/if-were-being-pressed.html)? Well, Glenn Dubois, one of the masterminds behind Nerdfit (who asked all of the questions in that interview, mind) is also the absolutely crazy-amazing chiptune artist, Glenntai! (Check out his stuff here: https://glenntai.bandcamp.com). He just so happened to do the amazing music for Radarkanoid (and I doubt you've heard the last of his sound in our games by any means). 

Heck, he was just featured on Chiptunes = WIN Volume 5! Check it out: http://chiptuneswin.com/blog/chiptunes-win-volume-5-tracks-11-20 Trust us, you'll love it!

Anyway. You may remember from this post a little bit ago (http://blog.wraithgames.com/2016/04/radarkanoid-development-journey.html) that we were inspired by gaming's history pretty heavily for Radarkanoid and that we like to fiddle with arcade games for our games (like this one here: http://blog.wraithgames.com/2015/07/collapsus-arcade-edition.html) AND that we're showing off Radarkanoid at the Fitton Center next month (post about that here: http://blog.wraithgames.com/2016/06/its-showtime.html) for their Hindsight exhibit (August 6th - September 30th, to be exact).... well... take a peek at this baby!

Pretty sweet, huh?! We're pretty proud of it. This is actually the second game we've shown off at the Fitton Center, the first being back in 2008, when I was still attending the Butler Tech School for the Arts. Since I was a student there, I got to show off a very, very rough version of our old zombie space game, Project Zion! Oh, the memories...

So yeah... Cat, the Director of Exhibitions at the Fitton Center, asked us to do something more "hand made" to fit not only the indie game spirit, but also the theme of the exhibit. The cabinet we've revamped was actually an old Mortal Kombat 2 cabinet that had over 20,000 plays back in its day! Now that's some game history! That's one of the reasons we went with kind of a street art/graffiti kind of look for the side art. It just seemed appropriate for the 90's origins of the machine. Heck, we're even thinking of maybe doing shirts of it. If you like that idea, please let us know!

Interestingly enough, as it turns out,  it's sitting right next to a piece by our good friend, Lance T. Miller! You may remember him from the awesome work he's been doing on our mural (http://blog.wraithgames.com/2016/04/remodel-updates-blogging-about-blogging.html) or, more likely, his amazing card art. 

Here's a look at the flier for the exhibit as well:

This is all really cool for us. We've had so many great opportunities this past year alone! If you guys like Radarkanoid enough, chances are that it'll get a mobile release. We're already looking at putting it out for free across several browser-based platforms after the bundle is over, as well. 

Besides all this, next month we have another interview lined up, we need to prep for our Fall-Winter events, the Collapsus weekly builds are being made, its Kickstarter is in 8 weeks, we're still finishing up the studio remodel, and we graduate from our SBDC class! 

Man, it feels good to be an indie! 

Hey all! Things have been going really well around here as of late, though, if I'm being honest, today's blog post will probably be pretty short. See, most of you already know roughly what we have to report on anyway, so none of the news is really "huge" or anything. With that being said, here are "4 Short Updates From Wraith" (and yes, that is supposed to be a Simpsons reference hidden behind several layers of incomprehensible). Let's rock!

First, a bit of a follow-up to our time at COSI for the amazing Game Masters Exhibit. Last Thursday, they had us come back to COSI for a mini Game Masters session for their monthly COSI After Dark event. For those of you who are uninitiated, COSI is usually targeted toward children and families. COSI After Dark, however, is an event later at night for adults 21 and up featuring copious amounts of alcohol. Booze and science... what a combo! So, how could we refuse?!

Here are some pictures from the event!

All in all, the event was pretty amazing! Very much like our first Game Masters outing, we had tons of people stop by and play the newest demo of Collapsus and chat. It was honestly just nice to see some people really enjoying it. That's why all the events we go to are awesome! We even got to hang out a bit with the Multivarious team (which is always a pleasure), though we wanted to hang out with the folks from AbleGamers again, they were just too swamped (which is very much a good thing, anyway).

Multivarious (stolen from their Twitter)

AbleGamers (Stolen from THEIR twitter, too)

But yeah. Great event. We really hope to be able to do it again some time, if possible! 

Next up is a quick update on Radarkanoid and Collapsus! Radarkanoid is basically finished (we've been doing some bug fixes after release) and is available on Itch.io (though I'm not going to link to it until we do our "official" release announcement). It was tough getting it out on time before the end of the Kentucky Fried Pixels game jam. Heck, we technically missed the deadline. Luckily, so many other devs did as well that they made an extension (that we were able to keep). This marks Kristy's first finished, non-education related, solo programming project! It's super awesome. 

Now, while that will "officially" launch with the Kentucky Fried Pixels charity bundle on the 14th (Yay! It's just a couple more days!), Collapsus is a different story.

On the Collapsus end of things, we're prepping the first weekly builds for hopefully some time next week, then there will be several weeks of those (available for you all to play free online) going up to, through, and a bit past the Kickstarter, which should be launching in roughly 10 weeks from now! SO EXCITING! Then, the last of the weekly builds will lead up to the official game release on most (if not all) platforms simultaneously. 

Lastly, on Sunday, Eric, Steve, Camille and I had our first of several simi-regular writer's meetings for Physix. Physix has changed a lot over the years, but this time is it. We're prepping for the final dev-cycle on this now that we've not only switched to Unity, but cut our teeth on some smaller projects to get to know how to use it properly. Since Pok√©mon GO was just released, shenanigans at the meeting ensued!

Don't worry, though. We managed to hammer out nearly an entire plot outline that will then go on to being fleshed out into a proper synopsis, then dialogue and storyboards! It's really trucking along, especially with us trying to get a full demo out the door after we're done with our current releases. It's so cool to think that Physix is being taken off simmer and about to hit full boil!

Well, that's pretty much it for now. We still have events coming up (and more being planned) as well as a new interview that will be out probably next month, but those aren't big enough to hold articles in their own right. Stay tuned as I'm sure we'll have tons of new updates right around the corner! 
Oh wow! What a week! We worked on Radarkanoid all last week, went to Game Masters - The Exhibition on Saturday, and then came back to work on more Radarkanoid! We'll have an update on Radarkanoid next week (when it should be out!) All you really need to know is that we're really close to being done, we technically missed the Kentucky Fried Pixels deadline, but so did a lot of people, so there's been an extension... so we're all good on that front! Now on to the important stuff: a recap of our time at Game Masters!

Being able to be part of Game Masters is a huge honor for us. For those of you who don't know, Game Masters - The Exhibition is an internationally traveling exhibit that started at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) back in 2012 and made it's way to the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, OH last month. The exhibit features tons of retro games, modern games, indies, concept art, and interactive displays. It's a blast and going there was simply amazing! This is actually our second time presenting at COSI, since the Ohio Game Developer's Expo (OGDE... now called GDEX) was there when we went last October. It was great to be back!

For our part, each Saturday the selected a different indie developer to show off their stuff, and last week was all ours! We had a booth right at the front doors and tons of you awesome people stopped by to say "hi" to me, Adam, and Natalie and, more importantly, play some Collapsus!

Here are some great shots of just some of the awesome people who dropped by! 

We couldn't get any pictures of the rest of the event (photography was prohibited), but a special shout out goes to a few fine people who really got into Collapsus... like, hardcore! The first (and apologies, we don't have names for anyone, or even a picture of this first young woman) was a 9 year old amateur game programmer who played Collapsus for an entire hour! Her dad had to cycle by 6 times to check on her, but she was loving every minute of it!

The next was another woman who played for nearly as long and managed to make it to level 40 on easy! Hot dang! We're very impressed! While she was still playing, a couple who were expecting a child here very soon, competed against one another for highest score! He beat her out at somewhere in the 30's on easy before she had to go rest her back (even then it was hard to pull him away from the game!) They were all three there for almost an hour, so needless to say, I think they enjoyed it! 

We had an absolute blast! Meeting all of you and soaking in the amazing game history was an experience none of us will soon forget! Luckily, we'll be returning on the 7th for COSI After Dark, a 21+ version of the exhibit for those of you who like beer with your games! 

We hope to see you there! Until then, we're signing off!
Hello everyone! Sorry that the blog schedule has been... let's just say "weird" as of late. We've been putting a lot of effort into getting Radarkanoid done for the end of Kentucky Fried Pixels (which ends Sunday, so expect a Radarkanoid postmortem then) and getting the demo (and subsequent weekly releases) of Collapsus done before we hit Indy PopCon. This is all on top of us finishing up our physical Radarkanoid arcade cabinet for the Fitton Center's Hindsight exhibit, finishing up our paperwork for The Game Master's exhibit at COSI, and Pandoracon. All of this while we've been interviewing a new guy for our team! Saying that we've been busy is a huge understatement!

Now, with all this going on, probably the biggest things that have derailed our recent blog posts have been prepping for Indy PopCon (what this post is primarily about... I promise) and something unfortunate that happened that same week. We'll get that out of the way first, but a quick bit of backstory.

As some of you may or may not know, Kristy, Throne, Lance, Amber (Lance's wife) and I were not at Indy PopCon. Instead, about 6 months ago, we had made a commitment to be part of Origins Game Fair's staff (well, Lance and Amber had a booth for selling his art, but still). This means that you guys got to meet Mark and Adam, and possibly see Eric again for the first time in a few years, since I had them handle Indy Pop. Pretty cool. Well, Origins is a 5 day convention, and Thorne and I were tasked with 3rd shift security (as many of you already know, Thorne and I do most of our work at night anyway, so this works out). So anyway, the con started on Wednesday and by Thursday, Thorne's back started hurting. We ended up walking between 15-20 miles per day just ding security (that what my Pebble and his Apple Watch say, at least... Kristy's FitBit logged a lot less since she was behind a desk for 1st shift registration). By Sunday it was pretty much killing him; yet he still lifted 2 very heavy boxes full of board and card games into Lance's car.

We returned very early Monday morning and he fell asleep on our couch (not unusual since he visits Kristy and I every weekend). I awoke later that day to him screaming. He had collapsed on the floor in pain and couldn't move. He had to be rushed to the hospital where he stayed for nearly 2 days and I was asked to accompany him to his place and watch over him for 24 hours.

Don't worry, though, he's doing much better now, but he's still not back to work (and we don't expect him to be). So that's my long-winded excuse for the crazy blog schedule.  So... on to Indy PopCon!

It's actually pretty funny: despite not being at the convention, I was still running things from behind the scenes, mostly via social media and phones. Adam and Mark have never worked a convention before and Eric hadn't done it in quite a long time (and not to this capacity, either). I think it went off great!

Interestingly, however, despite leaving on time, their GPS took them elsewhere in Indiana (a couple hours away), so I think they did a bang-up job in spite of that drawback (and zero hours of sleep on day one). Heck. Even though we didn't have as many buttons or stickers as we should have (my fault on that one), the fact that our new banners won't actually be in until this fall to help make our booth more fancy, and that we had a screen printing problem that messed up the shirts they were going to wear... none of this mattered! This could have easily gone to crap and it didn't! Heck, I'd say that judging from the reactions all of you had from playing Collapsus and all of the awesome new developers we made friends with, this is one of our most successful conventions yet! Here are some pictures from the trip:

(Credits for the table picture go to our new friend, Jessica Hayley of MidBoss, who took this before the guys slipped in on Saturday)

You guys really loved you some Collapsus!

Besides all of you who came and played, we got to meet so many other great people, too. I'm really sad that I didn't get to meet you all personally. We got to meet even more of the Multivarious team, Jessica Hayley, Voidsoftworks, F-15 Interactive, GoblinCat, Robotic Potato, Luckshot Games, and many more (whom I probably don't have on my list to mention for whatever reason). Our friends Brian Conklin and Craig Kaufman of the ever-awesome AbleGamers and Jarryd Huntley also dropped by and met Adam, Eric, and Mark (whom they hadn't met before). A good time was had by all!

Well, with all this crazy laid to bed, we just wait as a new kind of crazy in the near future... more events and 2 game releases are just over the horizon! See you all on the other side of it (and next week)!